Know your EPF balance

EPF or employee provident fund is a pension scheme initiated by Indian government for all salaried employees that highlights a low-risk retirement scheme. 12% of an employee’s salary is locked for EPF and it is a monthly contribution from salary. The EPFO organization maintains details about all salaried employees and employers and keeps a track on all EPF balances. You can know your EPF balance in the below mentioned ways.

Mobile App

Become tech-savvy and use smart mobile apps to know your EPF balances. You have to get your UAN activated and check your balance through the app. The official app is made available only at employees menu in the EPFO website which is an authorized app and has to be installed manually from Google Playstore. Download it on your phone.

Once you open the app you can see 3 menus on the homepage which includes employer, pensioner and member. If you click on the member link you will be directed to a page that gives details about account transactions and PF balance. Pensioners can click on pensioner link to check or claim their status.

EPF Balance by SMS

The SMS facility has been introduced so that you can access your Pf balance any time. You have to register your mobile number in the e-sewa portal and you have to send a SMS in a specific format to a given number. Once EPFO server gets your SMS it will forward you the details of your account.

KYEFB Portal

You can check your EPF balance in KYEPFB portal even if you don’t have the UAN number. Get directed to KYEFB portal from the links given online. Mention your state and your regional EPF gets displayed on screen. After your regional EPF office gets displayed, clcik your regional office. Fill your PF account details. Also add your mobile number to receive notifications and tick the I agree column. Proceed with submit and you will receive a message on your current EPf balance.

Increase Your Google Ranking by Using Social Media as a Tool

Internet is one of the dominative aspect of the world today. And mostly, the internet consists of different websites. And when it comes to websites; it all depends on the Google Rankings your website has so that your website gets listed in the top results of search results (while assuming Google to be the best and the most used search engine hitherto). So indirectly, the amount of traffic a website gets is mainly dependent on the Google Rankings.

We all know that Google always tends to play around with its Google Ranking Algorithm and changes the features of it really often. And this thing disturbs people such as webmasters the most. But nothing can be done over here so it is obvious that one has to carry on with the efforts to increase the Google Ranking of his/her website. As a matter of fact, apart from the content quality, there are a lot of other things as well which matter the most in order to increase the Google Rankings of a website. And one of the famous techniques is to use social media as a tool to increase the Google Rankings of your website; and same is the one which we are going to discuss today here in this piece of text. Here are a few important social media platforms which can indeed increase your website’s Google Ranking.

Google Plus

Google Plus is perhaps one of the most important social media platforms which can indeed help you in gaining high Google Rankings. As a matter of fact, I have personally used it and have seen a lot of better results. In fact, Google has taken a lot of steps forward to show results on the basis of Google Plus acquaintances and authors. In fact, I would rather say that Google gets happy when people use their native social media platform to promote their website. So it in fact favors you in one way or another. However, apart from this, trust me folks, Google Plus indeed gets a lot of traffic to your website especially by the help of community pages.


Facebook can also be used as a major social media platform to promote your website and increase the Google Rankings. However, the clash between the changes of policies of Facebook and Google frequently can disturb the ranking factor. But all the easy to use features of Facebook business management really makes it happen.


Twitter has become an essential part of everyone’s life in relevance to a social media website. People tend to re-tweet really frequently these days to show a bit of their affection toward the content of the tweet so therefore, you can indeed prove it to Google Algorithm that your website has a really high demand and hence it should have a higher Google Ranking.

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3 Best iPhone Apps For Hairstylists 2016

  1. 20000+ Hairstyles for iPad

This is another app, specifically designed for iPad users. It has more than 20000 hair styles in its data base, which help the hairstylist to choose a better style for their clients. It is good app, but few people say that it has lots of bugs.

  1. StyleSeat

StyleSeat can be a perfect daily dairy for you. You can save your clients’ appointments and the services they have asked for. It will be easier for you to manage your daily schedule and there will be no repetition for your client, for the same time.

  1. HairBiz

The designer of this application is an experienced hairstylist, so he has kept all the aspects in mind. The basic concept of this app is to manage the client’s history and your account at the same time. You can keep the record of individual earnings and can organize your account in much better way. This is one of the 10 best iPhone apps for hairstylists.

I hope these apps will help you to manage your hairstyling business in a much better way and at the end of the day you will be able to expand your business.

3 Adventures to do in Morocco


Morocco is a great place to see on two wheels. Renting a bike from Marrakesh and heading up into the mountains is one sure-fire way of getting off the beaten path. With those who have time to spare, doing a multi-day adventure through the mountains is one way to explore the inner heart of Morocco. Some routes are available online while a handful of companies head from mountains to coast to desert all in one tour. Factors to consider are weather, water, and some French language ability doesn’t hurt!

Camel Trekking

Camel trekking is arguably one of the most sought after adventures for visitors to Morocco. Along with traditional camel riding there are also opportunities to drive quads and 4x4s in the Sahara. Timing is everything for this adventure. In the summer months, tours do not run due to the overwhelming heat. It’s also common for January and February, traditionally rainy months, to have fewer tours available. It is very important to only venture into the Sahara with a knowledgeable guide. It is incredibly dangerous and easy to get lost in this environment.

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning is one of the newest adventures to experience in Morocco and is mostly available on the outskirts of Marrakesh where you’ll have a view of the snow-capped mountains and rocky, desert-like terrain below scattered with villages dotting to the horizon. Flights leave at sunrise to take in the beautiful scenery and before the mid-day heat kicks into full throttle. If safety is a concern, it’s worth noting that balloons are followed on the ground by a road team. Ballooning trips are generally a few hours in length but can travel great distances.

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Amazon Beats Netflix To Offline Movie And TV Shows Streaming

For a considerable length of time, subscribers of Netflix have requested for the capability to download TV shows and movies offline. The organization is yet to offer such a facility, therefore Amazon has launched the facility and added precisely that to its streaming service challenging its contender. Amazon has figured out how to one-up its rival Netflix with its fresh feature, appearing logged off on its Amazon Video service.

Prime members of Amazon in the UK, US, Austria and Germany will now have the capability to download TV shows and movies to their Android tablets & cell phones, iPhones and iPads and Fire gadgets of Amazon for free, with Instant Video service of Amazon being the initial membership service to present this facility to its clients, notwithstanding surpassing Netflix. This implies that the Prime members are now able to watch films and TV shows remaining offline.

Talking about the fresh feature, Michael Paull Amazon’s VP (Digital Video) stated: “There’s doubtlessly the way individuals watch entertainment is shifting—at whatever time, anyplace watching is essential and we’re eager to furnish our members with the capabilities of offline viewing on Android and iOS.

“We are glad to be the first and final online membership video streaming service that empowers offline viewing—in the midst of a furlough, in an auto, at the shoreline, on an Airplane, wherever our Prime members feel to watch they can, while remaining offline”

This is important information for the streaming video service, with this being a feature that was widely asked by the people from Netflix. Amazon has crushed other membership streaming video services here and Amazon will without a doubt get lots of Netflix clients in the near future.

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Top 10 New Features of Windows 8

The recently launched Windows 8 – dubbed the Metro – is literally bristling with new features: over 300 of them at last count. And going by the current trend, it’s highly likely that more new features will be added to the latest offering from the Microsoft stable. It would not be possible to list all the new features unless you were writing a book on the operating system, but this list of the top 10 new features of Windows 8 takes the pick of the lot and describes their functionality. Although this is not a ranking, it’s fairly indicative of the direction in which the new OS is heading: a feisty challenger to both iOS and Android. Here goes. 

One OS for All Devices

So far, all versions of Windows operating systems were different for PCs, laptops and touch screen devices. However, with Windows 8, Microsoft has created a device independent system that runs on both ARM-based tablets and traditional x86 PCs that operate Intel- or AMD-made ARM processors. Microsoft claims that the new OS will function seamlessly on almost all modern devices, with an “always on, always connected“ feature that enables tablets to function like smartphones, allowing them to stay connected to the internet in “sleep” mode when not in use, and to become instantly connected when triggered. However, Windows 8 app developers are yet to bring out any worthwhile apps for the new OS. This might put off some Windows aficionados, but although brand loyalists will fret and fume, they’ll dig only Windows. Old habits die hard.

Backward Compatibility with Windows 7

The new “Tile” approach for the Windows Phone UI looks highly sleek and impressive, and is functionally very usable, but underneath it’s only a slightly souped up version of our old Windows 7 with a new UI layer on top. This UI allows you to view information from various apps without having to actually open the apps: nothing cutting edge there. This way, you can get to see the latest mail on your screen without actually opening your inbox! What’s more interesting is that this feature is backwardly compatible, allowing users to access Windows 7 apps by simply changing interfaces.

Quotes For A Perfect Whatsapp Status

If I ask you to Mention about a trend that has engrossed the world, the first name that comes to our mind is Whatsapp. An smartphone application which is used by millions worldwide to exchange messages around the world. Additionally Whatsapp with its novel advanced properties has turned into a unique option for individuals to express themselves.

Considering the status updates by which people tell precisely what happens to be in their thoughts, either by updating an amusing quotation or maybe a status that recognizes considering the happenings in their lives or a status dedicated to a loved one.

Also many upgrade significant statuses causing them to be trendy in their contact list as everybody checks out their status.

Thus Whatsapp is not soley all about conversing and linking with people, it is a individual platform to interact and express yourselves through options provided by the platform.

Listed below are 20 trendy quotations that you can set as your Whatsapp status- a combination of fun, expression of camaraderie and frame of mind.

  • “Auto correct, why are you changing my rude words to pleasant ones?.”
  • A question to all adults who carp regarding the adolescent age group-“Do you mean to suggest that you did a crappy job raising your children?”.
  • When it comes to an engineering student, the three words more powerful than “I Love You” is “Results Are Out”.
  • Always choose someone with whom you get the same feeling as looking at your food arriving at a jampacked dining place.
  • That difficult moment when someone asks “what were you thinking?” and you are saying in your head “evidently I was thinking, I could get away with this and need not clarify
  • How can my parents be expecting good marks from me when i ‘push’ the door when it is written ‘pull’?
  • God gives you ‘best friends’ when He is aware that your parents might not be able to handle you as siblings.
  • If running on a treadmill was the only way to recharge my phone, I would be really slim.
  • Do not be mistaken and consider me to be ‘judgemental’. Its just that my analysis skills are excellent.
  • Friendship is speaking your heart to someone who has hurt you, but trusting enough to know that they love so much that they won’t do it again.
  • A smart chap invented Whatsapp, his partneradded the ‘Last Seen’ facet in it.
  • Yes now ‘blue ticks’ on Whatsapp officially means ‘read’. As if ‘Last Seen’ did not cause sufficient damage.
  • When you are enjoying life, it is the best. When you evaluate life, it’s tough. And when you condemn life, it is the nastiest. Life is just as it is. It is your approach that define it.
  • In life , there’s hardly any market for feelings. So do not advertise your feelings in front of those who least matter. Just demonstrate your attitude.
  • At some point in life you will realise who actually matters, who had never really mattered and who will always matter. So do not pursue people. Let them come and go by destiny.
  • My level of being sarcastic is in direct relative to the measure of stupidity around me.
  • It is difficult to stay angry with your best friend for long considering that you have got vital matters to tell them.
  • Do not accuse me of stating rude facts to people. I just have a habbit of describing them accurately.
  • If someone in your life is laughing and crying at the same crappy things that you do, then no matter how complicated things are, they are the one who is your soul mate.
  • When life gets too serious, you know you can always act stupid with your best buddies.

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Reliance Life Insurance Launched New Fixed Savings Plan

Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited (RLIC), part of Reliance Capital Limited, is one of the top private sector life insurance companies in India having a total business premium of over Rs. 4,283 crore for the year ended 31st March 2014. The company offers attractive range of innovative and need-based insurance products covering areas of protection, investment, retirement to all individuals and groups.

RLIC launched a unique endowment insurance plan namely ‘Reliance Fixed Savings plan’ in Mumbai on 8th September 2014. This new plan secures future life through fixed returns.

Product Benefits

This new non-linked and non-variable product helps policyholders to create a corpus for securing future goals with systematic savings for certain time period. The new insurance plan offers guaranteed trusted benefits that include fixed regular additions, additional lump sum at maturity level and life coverage to protect the insured family.

The CEO of RLIC, Anup Rau said that this new endowment plan shall be providing a long term savings and protection to the risk-averse customers. The premium payment term is for 5, 7 and 10 years with policy terms of 12, 15 and 20 years and the maximum maturity age is 80 years.

With this plan, customers can stop worrying about their long term goals what exactly they gain in the future. The policyholders get rewarded with fixed regular additions at 8% of the annualized premium in the 1st year, at 9% in the 2nd year and 10% from 3rd year onwards.

Key Features of the Plan

  • Opt additional life cover
  • Option to get monthly income for 10 years
  • Protection against death, disease and disability
  • Attractive maturity benefits
  • Option to choose payment as you like
  • Tax benefits
  • Offers fixed regular additions
  • Available for age group from 8 to 60 years
  • Minimum annual premium upto Rs. 25,000

LG G Watch vs Motorola Moto 360

The new trend of smartwatches is slowly gaining popularity. People who got bored wearing normal old-fashioned wristwatches can move to an advanced level where they are combining utility with fashion. Let’s have a look at recently launched Motorola’s Moto 360 and yet to launch LG’s G Watch R, two Android Wear smartwatches that draws your attention.

Size, Design & Color                    

The Moto 360 has a beautiful circular round design, and the only other smartwatch with the same design is the LG G Watch R. Both of the smartwatches have featured with the fastest and widest-reaching Google’s voice control. Moto 360 is thinner than the LG G Watch R. Both the watches come in blue and silver stainless steel frames. It also has 22 mm interchangeable leather straps. LG is roughly 20 percent taller and a hair narrower than the former one. The Moto 360 is available in two colors whereas LG G Watch R is only listed in black.


Motorola’s Moto 360 is powered by TI OMAP 3 processor having memory of 512MB RAM. Whereas, the LG G Watch R is featured with 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and 512MB RAM.


The Moto 360 features a 1.56-inch display and resolution of 320×290 pixels, while the G Watch R has a 1.3-inch display and a resolution of 320×320 pixels.


The Moto 360 is powered by a 320mAh battery so it lasts all day with wireless charging options. The G Watch R has a long-lasting 410mAh battery.

Storage and Extras

Owning IP67 certification, they have very reliable water and dust resistive features. Both the smartwatches offer 4GB of internal storage.


Last week, the Indian price of Motorola Moto 360 was revealed on Flipkart at Rs 17,999 and there was huge sale upon its launch. The price of G Watch R is not declared upto now.

Set-up Instructions for iPhone 4 Beginners

Right here, you will find aid on some of the generally knowledgeable and possible issues encountered by iPhone people and some suggestions to conquer them. So, keep on examining this article.

Now that the iPhone has become one of the most preferred contemporary cool gadgets from Apple Company, iPhone 4 is going ahead in the market. There’s no question that possessing an iPhone has become more recognised and makes more financial feeling in the current extremely aggressive wifi market.

Update Application:

The initial important thing is to look for your application update option on your phone. If you have installed your previous programs from iPhone 3G or 3GS, it is necessary to update them again to make them compatible with the latest iOS4 features and iPhone 4. So, before you start using your old programs on your own new iPhone 4, wait and check whether they need to be updated or not.

Facetime Function

You may want to discover the Facetime function on your iPhone 4, but the choice on this type is turned off by default and you should turn the option on whilst generating calls to another iPhone 4 through WiFi. You only need to make a choice in the Phone option from Configuration menu and turn it on. Check regardless of whether activated on your network too.

Screen Wallpapers

The retina display of an iPhone4 makes everything look extremely vibrant and super quality. Its screen resolution is at least 4 times higher than that of an iPhone 3GS. So, it makes sense to vary your existing wallpaper that appears dull on this screen and go for much brighter wallpaper.

In the event you have made a decision to buy an iPhone 4 at your nearest mobile store, the above vital tips will really help you in making use of it.