If I ask you to Mention about a trend that has engrossed the world, the first name that comes to our mind is Whatsapp. An smartphone application which is used by millions worldwide to exchange messages around the world. Additionally Whatsapp with its novel advanced properties has turned into a unique option for individuals to express themselves.

Considering the status updates by which people tell precisely what happens to be in their thoughts, either by updating an amusing quotation or maybe a status that recognizes considering the happenings in their lives or a status dedicated to a loved one.

Also many upgrade significant statuses causing them to be trendy in their contact list as everybody checks out their status.

Thus Whatsapp is not soley all about conversing and linking with people, it is a individual platform to interact and express yourselves through options provided by the platform.

Listed below are 20 trendy quotations that you can set as your Whatsapp status- a combination of fun, expression of camaraderie and frame of mind.

  • “Auto correct, why are you changing my rude words to pleasant ones?.”
  • A question to all adults who carp regarding the adolescent age group-“Do you mean to suggest that you did a crappy job raising your children?”.
  • When it comes to an engineering student, the three words more powerful than “I Love You” is “Results Are Out”.
  • Always choose someone with whom you get the same feeling as looking at your food arriving at a jampacked dining place.
  • That difficult moment when someone asks “what were you thinking?” and you are saying in your head “evidently I was thinking, I could get away with this and need not clarify
  • How can my parents be expecting good marks from me when i ‘push’ the door when it is written ‘pull’?
  • God gives you ‘best friends’ when He is aware that your parents might not be able to handle you as siblings.
  • If running on a treadmill was the only way to recharge my phone, I would be really slim.
  • Do not be mistaken and consider me to be ‘judgemental’. Its just that my analysis skills are excellent.
  • Friendship is speaking your heart to someone who has hurt you, but trusting enough to know that they love so much that they won’t do it again.
  • A smart chap invented Whatsapp, his partneradded the ‘Last Seen’ facet in it.
  • Yes now ‘blue ticks’ on Whatsapp officially means ‘read’. As if ‘Last Seen’ did not cause sufficient damage.
  • When you are enjoying life, it is the best. When you evaluate life, it’s tough. And when you condemn life, it is the nastiest. Life is just as it is. It is your approach that define it.
  • In life , there’s hardly any market for feelings. So do not advertise your feelings in front of those who least matter. Just demonstrate your attitude.
  • At some point in life you will realise who actually matters, who had never really mattered and who will always matter. So do not pursue people. Let them come and go by destiny.
  • My level of being sarcastic is in direct relative to the measure of stupidity around me.
  • It is difficult to stay angry with your best friend for long considering that you have got vital matters to tell them.
  • Do not accuse me of stating rude facts to people. I just have a habbit of describing them accurately.
  • If someone in your life is laughing and crying at the same crappy things that you do, then no matter how complicated things are, they are the one who is your soul mate.
  • When life gets too serious, you know you can always act stupid with your best buddies.

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