For a considerable length of time, subscribers of Netflix have requested for the capability to download TV shows and movies offline. The organization is yet to offer such a facility, therefore Amazon has launched the facility and added precisely that to its streaming service challenging its contender. Amazon has figured out how to one-up its rival Netflix with its fresh feature, appearing logged off on its Amazon Video service.

Prime members of Amazon in the UK, US, Austria and Germany will now have the capability to download TV shows and movies to their Android tablets & cell phones, iPhones and iPads and Fire gadgets of Amazon for free, with Instant Video service of Amazon being the initial membership service to present this facility to its clients, notwithstanding surpassing Netflix. This implies that the Prime members are now able to watch films and TV shows remaining offline.

Talking about the fresh feature, Michael Paull Amazon’s VP (Digital Video) stated: “There’s doubtlessly the way individuals watch entertainment is shifting—at whatever time, anyplace watching is essential and we’re eager to furnish our members with the capabilities of offline viewing on Android and iOS.

“We are glad to be the first and final online membership video streaming service that empowers offline viewing—in the midst of a furlough, in an auto, at the shoreline, on an Airplane, wherever our Prime members feel to watch they can, while remaining offline”

This is important information for the streaming video service, with this being a feature that was widely asked by the people from Netflix. Amazon has crushed other membership streaming video services here and Amazon will without a doubt get lots of Netflix clients in the near future.

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