Internet is one of the dominative aspect of the world today. And mostly, the internet consists of different websites. And when it comes to websites; it all depends on the Google Rankings your website has so that your website gets listed in the top results of search results (while assuming Google to be the best and the most used search engine hitherto). So indirectly, the amount of traffic a website gets is mainly dependent on the Google Rankings.

We all know that Google always tends to play around with its Google Ranking Algorithm and changes the features of it really often. And this thing disturbs people such as webmasters the most. But nothing can be done over here so it is obvious that one has to carry on with the efforts to increase the Google Ranking of his/her website. As a matter of fact, apart from the content quality, there are a lot of other things as well which matter the most in order to increase the Google Rankings of a website. And one of the famous techniques is to use social media as a tool to increase the Google Rankings of your website; and same is the one which we are going to discuss today here in this piece of text. Here are a few important social media platforms which can indeed increase your website’s Google Ranking.

Google Plus

Google Plus is perhaps one of the most important social media platforms which can indeed help you in gaining high Google Rankings. As a matter of fact, I have personally used it and have seen a lot of better results. In fact, Google has taken a lot of steps forward to show results on the basis of Google Plus acquaintances and authors. In fact, I would rather say that Google gets happy when people use their native social media platform to promote their website. So it in fact favors you in one way or another. However, apart from this, trust me folks, Google Plus indeed gets a lot of traffic to your website especially by the help of community pages.


Facebook can also be used as a major social media platform to promote your website and increase the Google Rankings. However, the clash between the changes of policies of Facebook and Google frequently can disturb the ranking factor. But all the easy to use features of Facebook business management really makes it happen.


Twitter has become an essential part of everyone’s life in relevance to a social media website. People tend to re-tweet really frequently these days to show a bit of their affection toward the content of the tweet so therefore, you can indeed prove it to Google Algorithm that your website has a really high demand and hence it should have a higher Google Ranking.

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