Tips to Save Money on your Holiday Trips

Summer vacation is the best time for teenagers, adults and children to get more fun. The excitement of travelling makes you spend more money. When touring, it is important for travelers to make the most of their trip by utilising many guides and money-saving tips. So, consider this travel tips guide to get the most out of your summer vacation plans.

Book Online Travel Discounts

Book a package tour to save your money on overall cost of your trip. Know the best travel agent that offers travel discounts with better service at low fares. Get the most relevant information and book online tickets for your trip to make better saving in your way.

Free City Guides

Upon arrival to your destination, make sure to talk with the relevant staff of your hotel. Talking with the people who work at your hotel will help you get a wealth of knowledge about the whole city that can help you save time as well as money. They suggest you many popular places or even great budget-friendly places to shop.

Ask Locals for Food Deals

Dining is one of the most expensive parts in summer vacation. You need to check out the best hotels and restaurants to eat delicious food for great deal. Find out where the locals eat. With a friendly, inquisitive attitude, talking with the locals can lead you in knowing places where local diners prefer to eat.

Opt Best Travelling Ways

Get information on cheaper way of travelling to visit major attractions nearby. Know all the details of transportation ways like road, rail, air, cars and etc. Know the fares and the best route to travel in advance when you reach the destination. Having an accurate list of alternate routes to your destination can save a tremendous amount of time and money.


Top 3 Outdoor Sports for Fun

Now-a-days people are so busy and stressful with their daily works. They need some fun outdoor activities to get rid of all these tensions and stress. Outdoor sports are the one which make all ages of people like children, teenagers and adults to get relax well from their routine works. Here I suggest few top best outdoor sports for fun.


So many people think to become baseball players from their childhood onwards. If you are the one with this aim, start playing baseball outside of your home or in any baseball court. Playing baseball not only give fun but also some physical benefits like physical strength, balance and social benefits like leadership qualities, teamwork and discipline. Adults can enjoy a lot with this outdoor sport.


Soccer is the most popular outdoor sport in all parts of the world. In America, it is the most commonly played game today. Kids from 4 years old can participate in this sport. With Soccer sport you can have physical benefits like weight control, coordination, flexibility and balance. Even one can gain teamwork, leadership and self esteem benefits.

Inline Skating

All ages of people can enjoy skating, as it is one of the most popular activities today. But there are some safety measures to follow inorder to keep people safe. Kids as young as 4 or 5 years who have motor skills can play inline skating. If you or your child is interested, then first have a lesson with a professional. You should wear all proper gear such as helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads when going for lesson. You should also check brakes for your skates well.

So take up the challenge and enjoy the fun and thrill of outdoor sports offers for everyone. Set your life more active with these fun activities.

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List of 3 Best Apps for PC

Feature wise Windows is a pretty barebones OS, I think everyone has to accept this, right? But it is up-to you to search and download new applications that really help a lot in your day-to-day computing experience. It is very difficult to find the right and good software to your PC and thus the guide comes here. If you are really serious about utilising your PC, have a look at our essential apps, which will not go unused.


Everyone heard about this fastest growing instant messenger of all time for both mobiles and PC. It is very small but a useful app for every PC holder. Officially this app is not available for PC, but with third party Bluestacks Android Emulator, you can use Whatsapp on PC. First you have to download Bluestacks App player and get installed in your PC. Search for Whatsapp and click on install button. When it was downloaded and installed on your PC, go to My Apps in Bluestacks and start the Whatsapp by double clicking it. Now you can send unlimited free text messages to your friends and enjoy a lot.


Windows Directory Statistics is an app which analyses the files of your hard drive. It allows you in finding which files are eating up your disk space. This app shows all information in a size-ordered directory view with a snap to identify exactly which files is using up the more space in your hard drive. Then you can get rid of such files with WinDirStat’s built-in cleanup operations.


Do you want to store large amount of files which need not be inaccessible and invisible to anyone, then go for TrueCrypt. This open source app is a tiny file of 3 MB, lets you create and encrypt all files like important financial data, passwords list and etc.

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